As evidenced by this investigative report, the San Diego Ticket Expert, Attorney Robert Punta, is changing the way courts review the evidence necessary to "justify" how a posted speed limit was set. This is what makes our firm different, we truly care about, and go over and above to protect, our clients and public at large from abusive governmental practices - in this case setting "speed traps" by artificially lowering speed limits in order to generate revenue. We specialize in providing the most aggressive legal defense available for any traffic-related charges you may be facing. Mr. Punta has been litigating cases across Southern California since 2002, and during that time has obtained literally thousands of dismissals and 'not guilty' verdicts on behalf of his clients. 

We Obtain Dismissals, "Not Guilty" VerdictsOr Reduced Charges / Fines In Over                                            Of Our Cases
 Reasons For Our High Success Rate:
 Do I Really Need A Lawyer For Traffic Court?
Requiring appeals court to review cities' common practice of artificially-lowering speed limits to generate revenue.
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If you a€™re looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. At the Law Offices of R. Robert Punta we give you the attention and personal service you expect and enjoy. Let us put our experience to work for you. We keep our overhead as low as possible, which allows us to charge only $99 to represent you on any timely San Diego County traffic ticket / infraction citation case from start to finish - that's it, only $99 - no hidden fees!!!*

Your Speeding Ticket Might Not Be Enforceable
- by Kelly Davis, Voice of San Diego
Our high success rate for defeating traffic tickets is due to the fact we handle cases differently than other firms. Quite simply, we win more traffic ticket cases because we take more cases to trial - in other words, we fight for you! By using our unique knowledge of the Vehicle Code, Municipal Code and California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (CA MUTCD), as well as the tendencies displayed by a particular Judge, Officer and/or Court, we aggressively litigate every issue involved in your case. This includes how and when to enter your 'not guilty' plea, the best time frame for trial scheduling, and guiding where the trial will take place to ensure it is in front of a particular judge who is inclined to rule favorably on the issues of your case. 
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When the "cheapest" moving violation costs $239 - plus anoth $52 for the "priviledge" of attending traffic school to hold the conviction confidential from your insurance company and remove the point from your driving record - plus, another $35 "account review" added if you do not pay the entire fine at the time you are convicted or plead guilty, ask yourself: can you afford to not have an expert assist you?